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The Planning Process

Your financial plan begins with you: your goals, your risk tolerance, your family, your current financial situation.  Once we know what you want to accomplish with your money, we will do a complete review of your assets, liabilities, cash flow, tax situation, insurance, estate planning, and any other financial holdings you may have.  After the conversations on goal setting and analysis of your current financial situation, you will be presented with a comprehensive plan, which after your review, we will execute together.  Quarterly follow up meetings will serve to make sure you're on track and to answer additional questions you may have. Mohar Financial Planning is available to clients at any time to answer questions or deal with situations that come up during the year.


Mohar Financial Planning works with a varied client base: married, single, with children, without children, high net worth individuals, those with more modest means, retirees, near retirees, and those with decades before retirement.  The common theme among these individuals is that they want a long-term relationship with a planner who they can trust.



Planning Overview


Your comprehensive plan will cover all areas of your financial life that are important to you: retirement plans, education saving plans, other savings, insurance, estate planning documents, tax management, and any other financial interests you have.  Our job is to work with you to craft a solution that meets your needs, and to make the implementation of that plan as easy for you as possible.


Fee Structure


To ensure there are no conflicts of any type and to ensure every client seeking advice can be well served, Mohar Financial Planning works on annual retainer.  Each client pays one fee each year, and the client receives a comprehensive review, quarterly check-ins, and on call support for any issues that arise.  Mohar Financial Planning receives no compensation outside of that directly paid by clients.



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